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What Kind of Glasses Block Blue Light

All Types of Screen Protection Glasses can Block Blue Light, Screens Protection Glasses like Computer Glasses, Blue Ray Glasses, Orange Lens Glasses, and Blue Light Blocking Glasses can easily block 60% to 90% of harmful Blue Light.

Blue light wakes you up. It makes you more alert, and is beneficial for this reason during daylight hours, especially for those who are stuck in the bowels of an office block and lacking the natural uplifting effect we would normally get from a nice clear bright blue sky.

How to check Orignal Blue Light Blocking Lenses

First of all, go to any white wall, then look at the lens of your glasses from a distance, if you see some dark color of the wall in the lens, it means your glasses are original blue light glasses. You can Read More methods to check Blue Light-Blocking Lenses.

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