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Are you a mobile or computer user and going to buy Blue Light Blocking Glasses, But how will you know whether Your selected Glasses are Real or Fake?

So read this article completely, In this, I have told you that How you can Test your Blue Light Glasses are Real or Fake.

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Blue Light Glasses Test

blue light blocking glasses test

Do you want to Buy Blue Light Glasses but do you know whether Your Selected Glasses are Real or Fake?

Now I will show you some Prescriptions that How you can Test Blue Light Glasses at Home or When Buying.

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If you are studying on a laptop, programming on a computer, gaming on a tablet, chatting on mobile or watching shows on TV, then you must wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses before using all of these devices.

1. Test Blue Light Glasses at Shop

blue light glasses test

If you are a regular computer or mobile user and want to buy Blue Light Glasses from an Eyecare shop near you and at the shop, you will place an order to make Blue Light Glasses but how will you know whether your selected glasses are of blue cut lenses or not?

Therefore, before bringing the purchased Anti Blue Light Glasses home, ask them to get the Glasses checked at the shop, otherwise you don’t need to buy those glasses, because they may not be the original glasses.

The shop owner will get your Glasses checked by a blue light tester, which looks like a blue laser light torch. When he puts the blue light of the blue light tester on the lens of your glasses, up to 90% of the blue light will not pass through the lens.

2. Blue Light Tester Tourch & Blue Light Tester Card

test blue light glasses

You must get your Blue Light Blocking Glasses tested before you buy, otherwise, you can also check your glasses at home, but first, you need a Blue Light Tester or Blue Light Test Card.

(i) If you have a Blue Light Tester, then put its blue light on the lens of your glasses, if the light does not pass through the lens, it means you have Original Blue Light Glasses.

(ii) If you have a Blue Light Test Card then put your glasses on half of the card (arrange your card according to the image given above) and you have to do this in sunlight, then you will see that the color of your card will change but if the color of the card covered with the lens does not change that means your Blue Light Glasses are original.

3. Test Blue Light Glasses at Home

blue light glasses test

Are you a Programmer or Developer and using your computer many times or till late at night then you must wear Blue Light Glasses before working on these devices, but do you know your Glasses are Original or Fake.

(i) First of all, go to any white wall, then look at the lens of your glasses from a distance, if you see some dark color of the wall in the lens, it means your glasses are original blue light glasses.

(ii) You put your glasses opposite a white led light or rod and look at that light in the lens, if you see White light, Blue, or Green it means your blue light glasses are original.

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